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All the tools, systems, and coaching you need to maximize the growth of your business.

What is Automatic Members?

Automatic Members is a shortcut to consistently generating new leads, following up and converting them into clients.

We achieve this by combining the Most Complete Software in the Industry with Pre-Optimized Marketing and World Class Coaching so you can save time & money while getting dramatically better results from your marketing efforts.

And as a result...you can earn what you deserve while operating a business you love.

Here's How You Can Finally Have A Growth Engine

That Drives Your Business…While Making Marketing Simpler Than You Thought Possible

Dear Fitness Business Owner,

From: The desk of Pat Rigsby

Re: Your roadmap to simplified marketing success (and why this is your clearest route to consistent business growth)

Surprised to see a comprehensive marketing system priced so affordably?

Would you be amazed to discover that most marketing platforms that are sold to fitness business owners are designed without ever considering who you, the business owner, actually is?

Skeptical that this is no different?

You should be. After all, the internet is full of overpromising and under-delivering

So Let Me Prove It To You

But first, read this disclaimer:

I have the benefit of being in the fitness industry since 2004, owning over 35 different businesses and coaching thousands of the most successful leaders the industry has seen in the past 20 years…and in that time I’ve seen the following:

The average fitness business does not achieve any meaningful success.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

And it will largely depend on your ability to consistently generate new clients.

With that said … let me jump right in and show you...

An All-In-One Marketing Platform That Not Only Includes Every Marketing ‘Tech’ Tool You Need, But Also Gives You The Pre-Optimized Offer & Campaigns That Will Allow You To Generate New Clients Week After Week.

The Automatic Members Platform that fitness entrepreneurs from around the globe are now using to deploy winning offers & campaigns on autopilot

....And in turn grow their business faster than ever before..

....All while making marketing easier so they can focus on actually training clients that they enjoy and feeling like a business owner

....And best of all, spend less time and money doing it.

Just like Ken Wall, who moved from piecing together several other softwares to simplifying everything with Automatic Members and having everything from his website and program offers to his email and texts all in one place…allowing him to save hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours each month!

Shortly after migrating to Automatic Members, Ken shared this:

And although making life easier and saving money on software is impressive, that's just the tip of the iceberg...

The real win is Ken growing his business month after month while saving time and money.

And Ken is just one of many fitness entrepreneurs who are now marketing smarter, not harder…

And you can be certain...

The Automatic Members Platform is unlike anything you've tried before……It's a game-changer because…

…It's a game-changer because…

  • We don’t just give you empty tools & tech that go unused...

  • We don’t let you waste time staring at a blank page trying to figure out what offers to create or emails to write…

  • We steer clear of one-size-fits-all marketing plans and give you almost unlimited templates & options to adapt to fit you, your business and your goals ...

  • We charge less while making your life easier…

In fact: we’ve perfected a system that hardly ever requires you to gamble on untested marketing messages or campaigns.

Instead, we focus on "Pre-Optimized Marketing."

This approach is radically different and it has the potential to transform your fitness business…

…through a unique system that provides you the support you need to achieve consistent growth while giving you the freedom you want in the way you market your business as an independent business owner.

The Automatic Members Platform model allows you to eliminate 98% of the things you hate about marketing…

  • No more staring at a blank page, wondering what to create to market your business…

  • No more endless hours crafting promotional content that fails to convert...

  • No more watching your marketing budget vanish with little to show for it...

Automatic Members Will Free You From Investing In A Half-Dozen Different Software Tools And Allow You To Easily Deploy Pre-Optimized Promotions & Campaigns

Here's a glimpse into the 'Cycle of Despair' many fitness business owners unknowingly fall into:

  • Search free Facebook Groups, hoping to find the magic bullet to more clients.

  • Invest in funnel builder or email software.

  • Spend days crafting and tweaking your copy.

  • Launch a marketing campaign you believe will attract clients.

  • See minimal engagement or leads after several days.

  • Feel frustration mounting as your bank account dips.

  • Shut down that campaign and focus on training your current clients.

  • See an ad or a post that sounds promising and repeat the cycle..

This 'Cycle of Despair' is not only exhausting but keeps many fitness entrepreneurs stuck, preventing them from making any real progress.

Honestly, I’ve seen it for almost two decades.

For years, my approach was to provide as many resources as I could to clients & customers…

…but still, even when I provided proven campaigns and promotions, far too many business owners didn’t have the time or tech expertise to implement.

So, I decided to test something.Something that, if it worked, would change the game entirely.

And as you're about to discover, what I tested...

... It worked and allowed fitness business owners just like you to Work Less.

Make More…

...and save a ton of money.

Automatic Members:

Fitness Marketing Software Designed

to Make You More Money With Less Effort...

All the tools, systems, and coaching you need to maximize your marketing.

Build Unlimited Funnels & Websites

Send Email Broadcasts & Campaigns

Send SMS/Text Messages

Get Client Reviews

Create Sales Pipelines

Social Media Planner

Create Full Membership

& Course Sites

Build Forms & Surveys

...and so much more!

But, to be fair, there are a number of marketing platforms that promise to be an all-in-one solution…so what makes Automatic Members different?

The Three Differentiators

In addition to all the features I just mentioned, you get…

Differentiator #1 - Pre-Optimized Marketing. A method so effective yet so overlooked in the fitness marketing realm.

The allure of this method?

You don’t have to burn through budget after budget on failed campaigns.

Meaning you can actually focus on growing a profitable, scalable fitness business...

All it takes is leveraging Pre-Optimized Marketing through a simple to deploy system.

You get proven…

  • Social Media Posts

  • Lead Magnets

  • Offers

  • Funnels

  • Nurture Emails

  • Promotional Emails

  • Onboarding Campaigns

All ready to edit (to fit your brand) and deploy.

Differentiator #2 - Best In Industry Coaching. While most software companies provide customer support…that isn’t the same as coaching. 

With Automatic Members, you get direct access twice each week to marketing coaches who have been the behind the scenes ‘secret weapons’ to many of the most successful leaders in the fitness industry.

Get personal coaching to know exactly what to do to maximize your marketing results from experts who have collectively guided owners to 9 figures in revenue.

Differentiator #3 - The Biggest Marketing Library In The Fitness Industry.

Not only do you get access to Pre-Optimized Marketing, but you get to choose from an almost limitless library of marketing tools so that you can find the messaging that best fits you, your business and your goals.

You get access to thousands of proven templates, and the library grows every month with fresh assets so that your marketing never gets stale.

Here's Everything You're Getting

When You Join Automatic Members

  • Build Unlimited Funnels & Websites

  • Send Email Broadcasts & Campaigns

  • Send SMS/Text Messages

  • Get Client Reviews

  • Create Sales Pipelines

  • Social Media Planner

  • Create Full Membership & Course Sites

  • Build Forms & Surveys

  • World Class Coaching

  • Pre-Optimized Marketing

  • The Biggest Marketing Library In The Fitness Industry

  • Private Community Access

Dedicated to Your Success,

Pat Rigsby

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes. Automatic Members is month to month, so you’re never locked into anything. We’ll focus our efforts on keeping you around by simply overdelivering.

What About Additional Fees?

The only other fees will be your texts or calls (if you are calling through AM) as those are 3rd party providers with Automatic Members being the dashboard you operate through.

What's Onboarding Like?

We couple our step-by-step onboarding system with actual coaching to ensure the entire process is seamless. 

Do You Provide Support?

After you’ve been onboarded, we provide a complete library of knowledge, ongoing coaching via Zoom weekly and a private community. Plus, customer support is also available via chat for your convenience so that you have the support you need when you need it.




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